Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring tunes with Whateverishly's Coco

L: Who/What is your Spring Music inspiration?

C: Neko Case. That's pretty much all I can listen to/breathe/speak/eat. Oh, and the new Matt & Kim album.

L: 3 songs that make your flora get down with your fauna?

C: I'm not entirely sure what that means, but here are three random tunes of the moment, since all I can do otherwise is listen to Neko:


1) "Daylight"-- Matt & Kim. Matt's voice can be a bit grating at times, but I think this song really encapsulates everything right about them.


2) "Courtship Dating" Crystal's haunting and danceable at the same time. Love it since forever.


3) "Lights and Music" Cut Copy....I can't seem to ever get over this song. I've been obsessed with it for like over a year.


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