Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chanel Coco Rouge Review+ Swatches

This past Thursday night I attended Chanel's Coco Rouge unveiling at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in NYC.
Chanel's Coco Rouge line is quite impressive, with 30 shades of lipstick plus a Saks Fifth Ave Exclusive Byzantine- a deep berry color.
Upon entering the launch, I had two goals in mind. One was to find a Giggle Glossimer equivalent and the other was to find a red-orange lipstick for the spring/summer. I began swatching as soon as I was directed to the display which hit a snag when I remembered some of the inital colors I put on my hands and forgot the other colors I added. The standouts ( and also the ones I swatched) were the reds- Rouge Noir ( the darkest swatch on the right), Russian Ballet ( the burgandy swatch to the far left) and Paris ( the red to the left of Rouge Noir).

The results of my two goals fell way too short. For the Giggle dupe, it didn't exist!
All of the lighter, nude- rose, browns, etc had a frosty finish. After trying one on and then reverting back to the advertising campaing, it looked like Vanessa Paradis was wearing a frosty color too - Mademoiselle. Next, for the orange-red lippie, I was told that since the line was new there would be more colors later on, so no orange-red.
My standout for this collection was Paris, a blue-based red which was very light and creamy. When you wear it, it felt like you weren't wearing anything at all and as an added plus, the staying power could rival a long-wear lipstick.

Overall, the smell of Coco Rouge lipsticks is much lighter than the Hydrabase lipsticks, and very faint. Unfortunately the lighter colors of Coco Rouge are subject to the frosty finish much like the Hydrabase. Though the bolder colors are definitely worth you $30. The case and enclosure of Coco Rouge, I would describe as "space aged" on the slide down to close your cap ( just the sound) with the right amount of "click" to let you know that the cap won't disappear in your makeup bag or purse.

disclaimer: Coco Rouge was purchased at Saks Fifth Ave.


AfricanOrchid said...

I am thinking i really need that Byzantine. hmmm might have to cab it over to Saks sometime in the coming week!!! ;-)

Superqueen said...

This line has some wonderful shades! I think I'll buy Lune Rousse, such an amazing red.

AfricanOrchid said...

I just got the Byzantine,Paris and Rouge Noir.. I'm a bad girl. :-D

Lacroix said...

African Orchid, let me know how you like Byzantine, I forgot to swatch it and have banned myself from the Chanel counter until next month ;)

Superqueen, you will love the bold colors in this line!

AfricanOrchid said...

Been wearing the Byzantin Rouge Coco for about a minute now and I must say.... IT'S MY FAVORITE of the ones I got. It's absolutely beautiful on the lips. It is similar to the colour you are wearing in the picture but it is less red and more berry red. If you get it, I am sure you will love it too. Boy that Chanel sure knows how to get me to give up my hard earned dough on yet another great product. :-) The only question now is... how many more will I end up with before all is said and done. haha