Sunday, February 21, 2010

17 Again-Skin repair with La Mer

This winter has been really harsh on my skin, not only the daily weather elements but also stress ( work, studying, etc) has really reared its head on my otherwise relatively clear face.
I do have daily oil resurgance and have to blot the shinies away throughout the day but now I have to look at blemishes too!
It also doesn't help that I have been in-between cleansers because of the weather adjustment- bouncing between Mary Kay and Shiseido and still nothing, bumps still on cheek.
After consulting with my mom, she suggested that I go back to what I used back in the day- La Mer. Say What? Yes, when I was 17 my mother's friend worked at the La Mer counter at Neiman Marcus. She gave me a skin consultation and loaded me with enough Clensing Gel samples for a year. This stuff was amazing on my skin as it was about 5x as oily as it is now plus I also had the nick-name of "Shiny" in school- oh highschool.
Clearly, this stuff was out of my Highschool gas money budget but my Mother bought me a bottle and it put my face back on track to no shine, no blemishes, low hyperpigmentation.
Remenicing about this prompted a Saturday run to Bloomies in Soho where I picked up another bottle at the same price it was 10 years ago ($65) and am anxious to see how my skin will look/ feel at the end of using it for one month. Another item I need to take into account is a moisturizer, for which I am still researching.. any ideas for oily/sensative skin?

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