Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Counter Challange: From Giggle to Eclipse

Last month I wanted to check out the new spring collections and find some new faves while utilizing my current faves, with a few boundaries. Boundary 1. Transitioning a look from Day to Night. Things come up, after I leave the office or playing Rock Band- whatev I have to kick it into high gear last minute- what should I go to without weighing my 4x10 inch makeup bag down?
Boundary 2. Under $100. Yeah, and did you see all those MAC collections? Right. Like I can stay within this budget.
With this in mind, I set out to a one-stop shop ( Saks) on a cold morning with my faves in hand ready to stick to the challenge. My faves I current carry with me at all times are:
- Givenchy Phenom’eyes
- YSL Bronzer #2
- Chanel Giggle Glossimer
- MAC’s Smolder

I visited Diane at the Chanel counter ( told you it was a challenge) because lately I’ve been on a Chanel kick. I already bought Particuliere so I wanted to see if anything else in the Spring Collection was fitting. She suggested a highlighter (Empriente De Chanel) for the day to balance the eye and pinky-brown Giggle.
Now on to Night, Since I had Smolder, we tried something smoky but not as bold as black so she went with Marine Eyeliner that – I have to say I love!
For Lips, she pulled Eclipse Glossimer on me and told me the story about it.
Not-a-long story shortened, this HG lipgloss was backorded by Saks and they have a secret stash! The sparkles are more like Spark and Immaginaire but the color- a deep rose borderline burgundy goes on very smooth with lots of color.
She created a face chart and I was on my way! Starting off the New Year with 2 new looks under $100 and I didn’t go over budget.

How many times do you go to a counter or a store for a makeover? Do you ever build around something you already have than buying a dupe?
disclaimer: All products were purchased by me


DeeDee said...

WOW! It sounds like Eclipse is a combo of Force and Imaginaire. Trying to wait for the summer collection(must have Laser glossimer and Riveria nail polish) to come out before I buy another glossimer. But your post is forcing my hand. I just bought the glossimer Red Shine and Particuliere nail varnish. I am out of control. LOL!

Lacroix said...

Eclipse looks amazing, I can't wait for the Chanel Summer Les Pops Collection! Nouvelle Vague has my name all over it!
Plus I'm in the market for a Summer Coral lipstick.. stay tuned!