Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Scent-iments

Spring is my season to pick up a new fragrance. I think I'm the only one who does this as it seems like fragrances are marketed to be gifted for either the Holidays or Valentine's day or its whatever celeb endorsed/collab that comes out every other week. Neither of these are my style as fragrance shopping is a process. When I broke the mold and bought YSL's Parisienne last fall, I adored it but when the roller-vial broke in my luggage over Thanksgiving break- the thought of my luggage still lingers the scent of Parisienne and I ended up giving my perfume away. Le Sigh.
Last year I bought Chloe, which I love. It's soft, warm, floral and woodsy- I'm not good with notes but I tell you its a fave till this day.
Prior to Chloe, I bought Marc Jacobs' Pear Splash which I use in the summer because its so light and fruity and occasionally spritz my closet with it.
Alas its almost Spring and I'm itching for a new citrusy scent to match my make-up lemmings ( I'll be getting to that soon!). I've been sampling some that are good D&G's La Lune but I wish I could seriously get ahold of Marc Jacob' Lemon or Grapefruit Splashes.
Why is it such a challenge to go shopping for this stuff! Sometimes the descriptions at Sephora just don't do justice and I also take into account how many other people wear the exact same fragrance, ( i.e. if you don't want to smell like an ex-girlfriend, don't buy a best seller- ahem Stella McCartney). body chemistry, etc. Next project, new non-celeb fragrances. No, you will not catch me wearing something by Kim Khardashian I prefer to wear something I can envoke. Thank you.
With that, another project in the making- Scents and Scentsability!

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