Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Topshop makeup update 1.0

Topshop Makeup debuted today at the Soho New York store and I had to run down and check it out. The core line features edgy colors and an expansive amount of lip products ranging from balm to lip crayons. For eyes there were Eyeshadow duo's, pencils and mascara. What the whole line lacked was face products- there were three shades of Skintint, two liquid highlighters and a few creme blushes, which were very bold colors but still kinda meek compared to the lip selection.
What impressed me the most were the Nail varnishes. They had a host of great pastels very reminiscent of Hard Candy back in the early 90's ( minus the jelly rings).
The Spring 2010 trend was very bohemian burnt bronzes, coppers and golds which were heavily emphasized in their Nail varnishes. I loved the eyeliners in ice blue and lilac, and there was supposed to be feather lashes with the collection, but have not made it to the store yet.

I tried the Gloss which I love- very moisturizing and has a scent I can't wrap my head around. It's kind of vanilla-y but not quite. The quality and pigmentation is A standard and I hope that the trend collections bring some fun favorites!

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