Friday, August 20, 2010

Chanel Les Khakis Nail collection

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Les Khakis nail colour collection will debut on September 10th for Fashion's Night Out. Chanel's revamped Soho boutique in NYC will have manicures on hand for the event and a special appearance by the Kaiser Karl himself..
Les Khaki's are 3 new nailpolish shades with a khaki base and nuances of forest green rose and bronze tones. Perfect for fall, especially if you are on the prowl for some animal print heels that are making their way around the fall fashion circles.
As far as FNO, I'm seriously working on a scavenger hunt for this night. The more details released, the more I need to re-adjust my schedule and the little time I spend at each location!


DeeDee said...

I won't rest til I have Khaki Vert

Lacroix said...

Hey DeeDee, you and me both!
Plus witht he Chanel Soho nail polishes coming out- I'm going to be living on PB&J sandwiches for the rest of the month! LoL!