Saturday, May 21, 2011

Skincare Review: Egyptian Magic

Have you ever glossed over a product in a magazine and then completely forgot about it, only for it to pop-up time and time again?
Egyptian Magic is my... this thing. Most recently I read about it on Into the Gloss as model Caroline Trentini  swears by this product but I first heard about this way back when Naomi Campbell was interviewed as swearing by this too, so what's up with this "magic" or as the bf would say "schmutz"?

Egyptian Magic is described as a 100% all-natural ingredient product containing olive oil, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, honey and beeswax that can be used for all-purpose needs.
You can use it to moisturize lips and your skin, treat bruises and skin conditions and you can even use it to condition frizzy hair.
The consistancy is like a balm ( I liken it to a Queen Helene Cocoa Butter stick) that melts upon contact with heat. Plus, a little goes a long way.
With the research, I justified putting down $32 for 8 oz of this wonder cream that I bought at a pharmacy in the West Village and I immidately put it to work.
*First challange, The Dude takes a spill on his bike and has a HUGE bruise on his thigh, he put on Egyptian magic before bed time and in the morning, some of the discoloration was gone, the black and blue moved into a dark greenish territory.. so far ok for bruises.
*One Saturday I was out of leave-in conditioner for my weekend hair buns and decided to put a bit in my hair, the results were an A! There was no stickiness nor greasiness, it calmed my hair down much like my beloved new leave-in conditioner ( up for review very soon!).
This is a leave-in to believe in!
*Next challange, Dry Skin. I just finished with my Sunday Beauty Self -Pedi Party and was all out of lotion, I took a less-than generous scoop of the Egyptian Magic and both of my feet were coated in glory. Yay!
* Last, a night cream. The challange- success! Even with my oily skin, this did well. It didn't create a slick but it was gentle enough to help calm the two blemishes on my cheeks all night.

Overall the experiments with Egyptian Magic have been worth it. My only gripe is, where to find it. True, it is available on Amazon but sometimes you just want to test or try it out before committing to purchase.
Anyway, I think its the bee's knees thus far!

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