Monday, April 23, 2007

Nordies Spring Trend Show

This kicked off on Saturday the 21st at UTC. I had the pleasure of being front row, first seat coverage as I hauled and pushed my way to the front ( ok.. no I didn't push).I got my ticket on Friday for $15, and the price went to my purchase and at the door they gave away a travel bag with 2 extra on-the go bags.. yay!
The event was hosted Kari Larsen the Director of Nordies Beauty and the program touched on 3 different trends for the Spring and the new products that the counters had. Mind you, this is my 4th trendshow and my first for UTC. I have to say that their counter is fairly small compared to Fashion Valley.
The Beauty Trends for Spring were:
Delicate Blush
Warm Glow
Vivid Lips
Guest speakers were Jennifer Ruiz with Bobbi Brown
Annie Woo, Philosophy Trainer
Daw Stultz with NARS
Ellis Von Hampton with Prescriptives and
John Stapleton, Pro Artist with MAC

The runway show was GREAT. The models looks were perfect. They had a drawing after every collection highlighting new products or faves of the brands.
I even won something! Just by me having my Squirt lipglass in my bag, I won a Pretty Plush- Plushglass and a Matt Murphy makeup bag.. ( yay cat-like reflexes).
I had a makeover appointment with NARS but when I went to purchase Exhibit A and they were out. :(
Anywho, my aim for this spring/summer is to have the bright fucshia/pink/purple lips. and after my NARS makeover.. someone at the pointed me to Pink Poodle lipglass by MAC. Its exactly what I was looking for.
It was a long exhausting day. I have to say my faves were:
Purity by Philosophy- it totally cleaned my face after the Makeover
Pink Poodle lipglass
Laila Essenence Candles
All about Eve Eye Shadows by NARS

Heads-up: Fashion Valley's Summer Trendshow is June 2nd. See you there.

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