Monday, July 21, 2008

Le Sac Is Back!

I received my Le Sac dress a few weeks ago and was eager to try..but was turned off by the choice strap color ( black dress, electric blue straps) so I made a b-line to the Hilcrest AmAp and they had some sac's in stock. I picked up the same dress, black straps and fell head over heals.
Since I saved all the potential "looks" , I started to try them out..then while trying to un-tangle myself found that - the strap is not as long as their model perceives it to be. Luckly the styles didn't strangle the life out of me but I still love the dress.

American Apparel's Le Sac dress is available online here


Anonymous said...

Dress looks fab! Online Store for Canada now says black with black avail! Definitely going to go check it out...are the styles difficult to attempt?

Lacroix said...

The styles are pretty easy to do, I just saved the looks on the site and did each one... but this is my fave!

FESI said...

Very cute dress!