Monday, October 27, 2008

Lacroix's Best of Beauty- All about the Eyes

Marilyn Monroe from All About Eve

Mascara- Givenchy Phenomen'eyes- it looks like Gogo Yubari's weapon from Kill Bill Volume 1 but with a steady hand, this will single handedly change your lashes ( that is if you want long lenghthing). For full and lush lashes- Fresh Supernova is a dream.

Eyeshadow- What makes a great Eyeshadow? Pigment, texture and longevity. MAC holds the title for this one. My faves- Fake- foggy grey, Purple Haze- violet and Black Tied- Deep purple with red flecks.

Eyeliner-Urban Decay's Smoke Out Eye Pencil wins- application is light with a sponge tip to smudge...smudge on!

Brows- Maybelline Clear Mascara is cheap and does the job as far as setting brows.

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