Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mother knows best- LTBB Survey #1

I asked my mom is she could answer some beauty related questions last week. 
Afterall, she was my inspiration into the world of noxema, then graduating to Clinique at 14 with my very own Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. She even championed me writing to Cover Girl, The Body Shop and J.A.N.E in asking why they didn't make enough foundation and powder colors for ethnic skintones. 
I am happy to report, they all answered back with mixed results 
( yes I'm talking about you J.A.N.E).
Anyway, here are the results to my survey.

Which Diva is your inspiration: Chaka, Patti or Aretha?
M: Patti

3 features you are highlighting on your face today

M: Just one MAC Smolder

What was your fragrance lemming at 13?
M: Can't recall

Your Desert Isle disk?

M: Luther Vandross' Greatest Hits

Simple Mom.

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