Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Five of '09

These are just a few things I look forward to in '09

5. More blogging by Sessilee Lopez! Leave a comment..because she will answer it!

4. Being fiscally fit! Eliminating the unneccessary and budgeting. I definitely need to cut my company cafeteria expenses $10 a day for lunch...thats too too much. has been ever so helpful in allocating my expenses.. and MS Excel does just fine too.

3. 80's comebacks!
I don't mean video games and power shoulders, I mean the Supers!
Cindy in Paris Vogue's November issue, Claudia in D&G Resort and YSL Spring ads, Grace Jones' new album.
Also the return of sculpted contouring in make up ala Way Bandy and Kevin Aucoin.
Power Red pouts and volume in the crown.

2. Greening it up.
It's going to take time but the first step is B.Y.O.B- bring your own bag ( or cup).
Recently I have been putting my Yankee Swap/ White Elephant gift to use by bringing it with me everywhere. has great collapsable bags that zip- transformer in the purse!
If you bring your own bag to Trader Joes, you are entered in a drawing for a gift card off your groceries!
Some Starbucks rewards by giving you some change off for bringing your own cup.

1. The Obama's
Anyone else excited?
Plus, Thakoon ( Michelle O sported his stuff recently) has a new line in target now! Get to the store while you can as the cute skirts and dresses are sold out online.

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