Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Music, Makeup and Mayhem with Whateverishly's Stella

L: Who/ What is your Spring inspiration? ( whether it be a movie, music,article of clothing
S: Klimt's portrait of Mada Primavesi, Egon Schiele's "Female Act" where you can sort of see the womans green knee socks, 
2. Chet Baker and my best friend Abby!

L:  What are you leaving in your makeup bag that can transend from winter to spring?
S: Most of the makeup i regularly use is just for accents (lip gloss, mascara, cream blush) but for spring I like to ease up on eye makeup so ill likely be using that a bit less.

L: 3 songs that make your flora get down with your fauna?
S: I am loving Garotas Suecas right now, a lot, and have also been rediscovering a lot of hip hop from the classic years. At this point Pete Rock "The Boss" is the song of the season. it's simple and bright and feels like chilling with friends on a spring evening.

L: Head bands or Bangles?
S: I like headbands but I'm switching to hair ribbons for spring! I am also definitely excited to get a few big bangles going on my wrists!

L: Bright colors or tribal prints?
S: Bright colors are good but being pale and pink-ish they can wash me out. I usually don't love for tribal prints but i cannot stop thinking about Suno which uses the most beautiful kangas ever in wonderful cuts. I need one.

L: What advice would you give a guy for Spring cleaning ( ie. clean shaven face, grizzly look, moustache.. etc)S: I like the cute beard all year long.

L: 5 Things you can't live without right now!
S: 5 Things I Cannot Live Without:
2. Soy latte's from Gorilla Coffee on my corner
3. scarves
4. Diorshow Mascara
S: A(nother) new dress

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