Friday, March 26, 2010

Chanel Paris-Shanghai Beauté Collection- Summer 2010

photo: NYMag's The Cut via Chanel

Aja Mangam of The Cut broke news today of Chanel's Paris-Shanghai Beauty collection!
The collection stems from the Pre-Fall show in Shanghai this past December. The beauty collection will highlight Black and Gold shades of Eyeshadow and Nail Polish.
What to look out for:
- gold and copper toned nailpolishes: Illusion D'Or and Gold Lamé
- a sister nail polish to Black Satin, a matte black Black Velvet
Chanel Paris-Shanghai Beauté Collection launches on April 1st.
UPDATE: The Chanel Boutique on 57th street informed me that the launch is in May.
Also coming soon Chanel Summer 2010 Les Pops Beauté Collection in April.
2 words: Nouvelle Vague
details coming soon...

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DeeDee said...

I am extremely excited about the polishes. I need both..STAT!