Monday, April 12, 2010

Chanel Les Pop-up Summer 2010 Collection, Swatches

Last weekend I checked out full the Chanel Les Pop-up Summer 2010 collection at Bloomingdales on 59th street. This summer surprise from Chanel has three Allure formula lipsticks in Darling- pink, Super- hot pink and Genial- Coral; the collection also introduces a new Aqualumiere Gloss, Bondi- a sandy copper , a new Bronzer, Terre Hallee and two new Gloss Fluos, a sheer lipgloss in 2 punchy colors, Pop- Coral and Lazer- Pink.
In a previous post, I touched lightly on the 3 nailpolishes ( Nouvelle Vague, Riviera and Mistral) that are with the collection, don't worry, you will be seeing these again, especially Nouvelle Vague!

Overall this collection is very exciting and refreshing for Chanel as the line just launched the buzzworthy Coco Rouge lipstick range to re-introduce lipstick to the "gloss generation". Les Pop-up collection added more to the lipstick range with 3 creamy bold colors that break the Chanel mold. I swatched all three Allures but ultimately fell for Genial, the coral I've been coveting since its debut at the Chanel Spring Couture show and the Gloss Fluo in Pop. What really amazed me was the combination of Genial and Pop Gloss Fluo, they both made my lips look surreal. I loved the way they looked! very perfect with minimal effort. This is definitely my beachy summer look.

Chanel Les Pop-up Swatches,from the Left: Darling, Super and Genial Allure Lipsticks, Far Right: Bondi Beach Aqualumiere Gloss
Bottom: Lazer Gloss Fluo

Here I am wearing Genial with Pop gloss on top

Genial Spent the day at Central park...

along with Pop Gloss Fluo


DeeDee said...

I had my heart set on getting the polish in Riveria and gloss in Laser. I walked away with just Riveria. Laser wasn't as pigmented as I hoped it would be. I love love love Riveria. Perfect Barbie pink.

Lacroix said...

I love Riviera too DeeDee, I have to swatch it and Nouvelle Vague soon. Super + Lazer = a more pigmented MAC Lipgelee.

Anonymous said...