Sunday, April 4, 2010

Top 5 Spring Beauty Must haves: #2 Rosey cheeks

A perfect flush is key for spring but where to begin? Inspiration? Flora.
Take a cue from the blossoms and nature around, no nature? grab a book.
When thinking of a rosey flush, I think of a pinch of color at the apples that lasts all day- and one of the first things that came to my mind was Tarte's Cheek Stain. The cheek stain is a gel-based, cosme-cuetical wonder that keeps your cheeks looking fresh. A plus, it comes in an array of shades. Another great, rosey cheek provider is LORAC's sheer wash. Back in the day I had a great plummy color that lasted forever plus I used it as a lipstain.
These both are easy to apply and quick to use if you are running out of the house on your way to work.


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