Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Citrus Lips! A Summer 2010 Guide to Juicy lips

Sonya Rykiel Ad-inspiration- Orange Lips

Joining Hall of Famers such as Bobbi Brown's Orange and MAC's Morange and CB96 lipsticks are 3 more citrus stunners that are sure to please!

Swatches from L to R: YSL Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick #94Blood Orange,
YSL Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick #21 Indian Orange, Chanel Allure Lipstick Genial

YSL #94Blood Orange

YSL's Blood Orange #94 is fresh from the current Solaris Collection. The coverage is sheer with shimmer but the deep orange pigmentation lives up to its name.
Normally I'm put off by shimmer, however the sheer shine coverage conquers this lippie!

YSL #21 Indian Orange

Indian Orange has been in YSL's line up for sometime now but as the Summer 2010 calls for the brightest lipstick shades and seeing as Indian Orange has been sold out in the NYC Sephora's for some time- this is lipstick is definitely the underdog that is now casting a light on all the newbies!
Indian Orange packs a more "true orange" color that its brand sister Blood Orange. The payoff is long lasting with brighter with layers. Quite vibrant like the Rykiel Advert.

Chanel Genial Rouge Allure

Genial is the breakout star among the sheerest of the sheers. This apricot-twist to the orange lip game is playful and punchy. While YSL's Indian Orange would probably be reserved for a day at the office, and YSL's Blood Orange would kick off an evening girls -night-out look. Genial would be my playful weekend Brooklyn or DUMBO Flea lippie with my vintage Valentino day dress.

YSL's Blood Orange #94 and Indian Orange #21 Lipsticks can be found here:
Chanel's Genial Lipstick can be found here:

disclaimer: YSL and Chanel lipsticks were purchased by Lacroix with the intent of review and use.

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