Friday, June 18, 2010

So Sui-t! The Return of Anna Sui Beauty!

A couple years ago I stumbled upon Anna Sui's beauty line at Victoria's Secret. The VS at Fashion Valley was having their Semi-annual and I got my hands on some pretty presh lipsticks for the price of mall pretzel. The Anna Sui Gloss Lipsticks in Orange and Burgandy were my fave. I also followed up and bought the rose scented Face Powder off of Ebay for little to nothing too.
Since then, the line was exclusive only to Asia ( other than visiting the Anna Sui boutiques) but now we in states are in luck!
With the launch of Urban Outfitters beauty site, you can order Anna Sui cosmetics!
There is a pleathora of lipsticks, glosses, eyeliners and accessories ( black boudoir molded mirror anyone?) available online.

Check it out at


DeeDee said...

I adore this post. I have been a long time lover of Anna Sui. So excited about her line at UO. Funny that you have mentioned the mirror, I have been obsessed with it for about a year when one of my fave youtube gurus whipped it out for a tutorial. lol!

Lacroix said...

Hey DeeDee!
Thanks, I can't wait to see the new stuff. I've been wanting the mirror and boudoir case for some time now- great thing that it is on uo!