Monday, March 28, 2011

Lemons- a Deodorant Alternative?


First let me start off by saying, Hello!
I'm fully re-cooped from my travels back to the West Coast for some fun and the sun with friends and family. All while I was caught up in packing about two weeks ago, I forgot my deodorant on the floor in my apartment!
As luck would have it, I was reading an issue of Upscale Magazine on the plane and in a editorial, I read that actor Flex Alexander ( you know that I was a fan of Homeboys from Outerspace right?) used lemon as a deodorant. What?!
Being the beauty experimentalist that I have, I decided to test it out and bought a lemon and cut it into 4 wedges, keeping the pieces in a plastic bag in the fridge and using one wedge for roughly 3 days just as I would my regular deodorant.
On the third day, I excitedly ran downstairs with announcement to my family who was sitting in the Living room and Kitchen , even having my mother smell my red and white stripe shirt that I just bought. After mom my looked at me like I was nuts, I informed her and my brothers that I have been without my deodorant for 3 whole days and was in fact using lemon.
They all laughed in my face and one of my brothers proclaimed, " We use it all the time in New Mexico because it always gets too hot for Speed stick". I was dumbfounded. " If this is not a new revelation, then why am I the last to know? I didn't sweat, there are no stains in my new shirt and I don't smell. This is insane?!"
My mom turned to me and said, "Oh, we thought you knew."
There you have it.
Back to Lemon as a deodorant, the feeling was unusual as I am used to sweating and feeling the antiperspirant stick under my arms. That feeling was gone, it felt as if nothing was there, but there was no bad odor. The only word of caution I can think of is if you freshly shaved, you might need to stay away from using lemon for at least a day or so.
I will definitely use the lemon more often as its 100% natural and a little goes a long way. Though I think you can get more for your money with a stick but the health factor is a plus.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Hmm very interesting. Have to look into this.

Lacroix said...

Yes, check it out :)

Rainy Day Diva said...

I guess I'm the last to know. LOL! I have never heard of this. I'm going to have to give it a try. This makes me wonder why people who forego deodarant don't try this. Maybe neither of us is the last to know.

Lacroix said...

Hi Rainy day Diva!
This was my thought exactly, maybe just the thought of a lemon wedge as your "deodorant" is so far fetch because its a fruit and not packaged like what we are used to seeing. LOL!
Let me know your thoughts!