Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chanel Dragon 475 Le Vernis

Found: a true-blue red that is flattering on all skin-tones, Chanel's Dragon 475 Le Vernis!
 This has been my summer go to shade since I bought it at the Bay in Toronto earlier this year and I hear that it will be re-released this holiday season!


Marsídia said...

Chanel nail polishes in my opinion are sooo expensive :/
However true red it's always a summery colour!
I love when I see woman with a darker skin tone and a bright nail polish!
I simply think that fit better in them :)
Kiss kiss**

Lacroix said...

I agree! Chanel polishes are expensive. I'm cutting back for sure as I'm starting to appreciate the colors that I have. With that said, I am experimenting out of my polish "comfort zone" and can't wait to share some fall picks!

xo Lacroix