Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer 2011: NARS Wonder lipgloss

Just when you think the citrus craze has brought us "lippie addicts" all the greatest lipsticks, glosses and glazes for Summer 2011, comes NARS Cosmetics Wonder lipgloss.
This juicy shade is described as a sheer mandarin orange shade with pink and gold shimmer on NARS' website and it it true to the description.
I find that if you are intimidated by other interpretations of bold citrus lipcolors, that you will be pleasantly surprised by wonder. Its a "mirror-free" shade, meaning you don't need a mirror to apply to know that it looks good ( something I tend to do with my other prized orange spectrum lippies).

Wonder lipgloss is limited edition and is available at NARS and


Catanya said...

I think it is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Lacroix said...

You're very welcome Catanya!