Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Quick Getaway at The Chelsea

Face Stockholm in the building!
Whew! I can't believe my first term of school is officially over! So far, its been an exciting journey and I've met some really amazing people! Before I embarked on re-capping my studies from mid-terms to finals time, I went down to Atlantic City with some friends to check out The Chelsea hotel!
The Chelsea is AMAZING! The decor is 1940's, beautiful and completely reminds me of a hotel that would be in the middle of Palm Springs California.
Another surprise at The Chelsea is that they carry Face Stockholm toiletry products! I find this great because when I first started visiting NYC I used to visit Face Stockholm on the corner of Prince and Greene streets. Sadly, the store closed two years ago.
I was also pretty jubilant to see that Face Stockholm made Shampoo and Hair Rinse ( Conditioner). After surveying the products I then asked my friends how they plan on changing up their winter hair care regimen. While we went through some standards and trends: heavy conditioning, co-washing, dry shampoo, etc., I announced that I would try co-washing to see how it goes for my hair and I tried it with the Hair Rinse in White Tea.
The White Tea Hair Rinse smells floral and woodsy, the consistency is milky, light and the conditioner did a fantastic job of moisturizing.
Now I have to go to the newly opened Face Stockholm at Columbus Circle to see the variety of the hair care line.


DeeDee said...

Looks divine!!!! Might have to stay there on my trip to Atlantic City.

Lacroix said...

Hi Dee Dee! I hope all is well.
Yes, The Chelsea is the place to be or at least have breakfast there!