Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day lipstick: Poppy King for J.Crew

Poppy King for J.Crew Lipstick

Poppy King for J.Crew Swatch
Happy Valentine's day! I had a time trying to figure out what lipsticks I wanted to post for Valentine's day. I have a host of red lipsticks that range from bourdoir deep crimson to some that are borderline orange! But I had Poppy King for J.Crew's lipstick sitting on my dresser for about 2 weeks after I purchased it at the store closest to Union Square in NYC.  The color description mentions coral on J.Crew.com but I find this lipstick only has a hint of the coral tone and resonates more on the red side. Great try with the coral! 

What's your valentine's day lipstick?

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