Friday, March 9, 2012

Marni for H&M's Mellow Madness

Marni for H&M goodies!

White Floral Necklace

Black Sequin collar

Chunky Bracelets

 This week, I ushered Spring Break in by "Glamping" it up outside of  H&M on 51st and 5th ave for the launch of Marni for H&M on Thursday morning. My Wednesday evening went a little something like this:  last midterm, alumni event, home, shower, pack some snacks, book and blanket and head over to H&M.. in the wee early hours in the morning ( I'm embarrassed to say the specific time, but I was #21 in line..). 
As far as "Glamping" goes, I use the term loosely as this shopping trip would probably be Phyllis Nefler approved though I think she would look down upon my attire- sweatpants and a hoodie.
Anyway, I was one of the first to shop the Marni for H&M collection at 8:05 am and upon entering the sectioned off area, my emotions went from surprised, confused and delighted.
First, the Marni for H&M "showroom" was condensed so much so that I walked past a lot of merch! I had to ask where things were from one of the 20 sales associates in an estimated 20x 40ft area. Surprise! Confusion set in when the sales associates explained that they didn't receive the whole collection from the lookbook- meaning the printed silk shorts I wanted, the flagship store never received. Bummer. After I gathered my mounds of accessories in my 15 minute shopping interval, I sifted through the goods and am happy with the price and quality of this collab. Here is my breakdown of the accessories:

White plastic floral necklace: A nice statement piece. I was surprised by the size of the large flower petals, I must have taken for granted in the lookbook its huge. I hope to wear this with either a cute sleeveless dress with a high collar or with my Thakoon for Target green and blue colorblocked dress.

Black Sequin collar: Ok, I've been skeptical of collars. I fell in love with the collars on the Peter Pan dresses from Louis Vuitton's 2003 Mirokami collection and in the past 2 years, LV did some looks with collars. Now, I see them in Zara and am wondering if the trend will fleet before I wear my goods. Oh well, I will definitely rock this one! Though the collar is described as sequin, it should be described at paillettes. This will go well with my Miu Miu Pailette shoes.

Chunky Bracelets: These chunksters are the bang for my t-shirt and jeans life! I haven't yet tried these on but I've seen them in action on one of the many folks at H&M on Thursday morn.

Overall, I think the collection is great. This last time I did something as far as "Glamping" was for Lanvin. I hope that these pieces will last a long time despite the stigma of designer collabs being cheap temporary "thrills", but I've never had a problem with H&M's quality of clothing from the get go. Anyway, If you didn't get a chance to check this out in stores, unfortunately, I think your best bet is 1. to check with H&M anyway ( the return policy is a stringent 10 days for returns- April 7th) or you can try Ebay and hope the ridiculously inflated prices drop within a reasonable time.

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