Monday, March 19, 2012

Lady Luck: Chanel Gold Fingers Nail Vernis

Chanel Gold Fingers with Lilly Lewis for TopShop hat

Gold Fingers Bottle

Chanel Gold Fingers Swatches

Where does one go for beautiful weather, margaritas at the pool and tons of walking to burn off the calories in margaritas? Las Vegas! And that's where we were for Spring Break last week.
While taking a break from the sun, I walked over to the new Chanel boutique at the Bellagio Hotel that opened last month. The store reminded me of the Soho boutique, very well lit and spacious. I walked over to the beauty counter and the SA told me that all that was left of the Las Vegas exclusives were the Gold Fingers nail color and the palette Lucky Stripes. So the SA swatched the nail color and made my purchase.
When swatched, Gold Fingers is a  sheer shimmery yellow gold with golden flecks. Not quite goldenrod and not quite canary, just somewhere in between, maybe if mellow gold? If you struggle with getting glittery polish off your nails (like I do), you won't have a problem with this one. It just whisks right off. I think this color looks amazing alone but, its so sheer ( 1 coat is pictured) I think it would be a great overlay on another favorite nail color. The only downside I can see is despite its exclusivity for Chanel, its definitely dupable. If you are looking for a shade like this, you will definitely find it ( I don't know any off the top of my head but I've seen a person or 2 with a similar shade of nail color on and it wasn't Gold Fingers).
 On a fashion note, TopShop opened in Vegas and they had tons of exclusives! One that had me going back and forth at the Fashion Mall was the Lilly Lewis for TopShop Club pilbox hat. Its so adorable!
I immediately saw this and had to stop, leave, comeback, debate, tell my friends at the hotel and then go back to the store before they closed! There were four different hats  2 red glitter- Hearts and Diamonds and 2 black glitter- Spades and Clubs.


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DeeDee said...

You know I love it! I wish it were like Graphite. Packed with foiled glitter.

Lacroix said...

Foiled gold glitter! I love Graphite too but in gold- that would be great!
I can't wait for Diwali, I hope that its more like Graphite.. we'll see soon!

בגדי ים said...

Nice one!