Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Shoe-in: Givenchy Jelly Zip Sandals

Givenchy Jelly Zip Sandals. Photo from

Givenchy Jelly Zip Sandals. Photo by Lacroix

The unusually warm weather got me thinking about my Spring footwear. My favorite for the past 2 summers have been my Givenchy Jelly Sandals that I reviewed here, and let me tell you- those shoes have run their course! So much so that last fall when I was wearing my baby's out, a women started talking about how she loved her Giv Jellies too but they started cracking and falling apart and how mine were in good shape. I thanked her for her compliment and assured her that my shoes were being held together my a weekly cleanings and superglue for the cracks!
 Anywho, I started on my mission for my new jelly sandals and were so pleased with my Givenchy's from 2 years past that I started browsing for my replacement sandals. Luckily, this seasons jelly sandals ( at least appear) as though they are more bad ass than my former. The 2012 "gladiator" sandal features thicker plastic with zipper detail, a wider toe area and an ankle buckle for easy adjusting. The sandal is available in 3 colors: Army green, Black and Beige. I chose beige after the success of my beige sandal from yesteryear even though it seems to be the most impractical color to wear, on your feet no less, in NYC. The trick is watch where you are walking!
Since finals are upon me, these are still in the box and will be ready for the wearing at the end of the month.

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