Friday, July 13, 2012

Chanel Beige (565) Nail Color Swatch

Chanel Beige ( 565) Nail Color
Back in May, Chanel craftly let us know that a limited edition nail color coming, I had no clue what color it was going to be- in fact, I thought it would be a repromote of the Khaki collection but actually they came out with a new color that was more practical yet very daring, a beige color that errs on the side of warmer yellow than your standard neutral. Hmm, this IS interesting.
Even the color swatch on the site is a but after seeing the color in person and trying it on, its probably the most "classic" Chanel nail color since Ballerina.
Beige is that friendly reminder that ,"nail art is cool..but just not at my 9-to-5" or its perfect for those who need a break from the trends. For now its available on but will be hitting counters this fall.

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DeeDee said...

You are pushing me over the edge. In love with beige. I often feel I need a break and just a quick,chic go to polish color.