Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chanel FNO exclusive: La Provocante Rouge Allure Velvet Reviewed

Swatches from Left to Right: La Delicate, L'Infidele and La Provocante

Last week Chanel launched their Fashion's Night Out exclusive lip and nail twin-sets, fit for the annual shopping occasion, to excited fan fare. I got in on the action by going to the Chanel boutique and checking out the action, but first I went to Saks as Chanel was not ready to unveil their new collection. At Saks I found out that La Provocante was all sold out due to pre-sales ( they had 20) and they also informed me was out too! But as luck would have it , the Chanel on 57th st and Madison had them ( this information was as of last Friday).  I swatched all three lippies on my hand and determined that La Provocante was the color for me.

La Provocante is an autumn plum with cool blue tones, more so than red. I love the Rouge Allure Velvet texture on my lips, is the perfect amount of moisture without your lips feeling lacquered but not chalky matte either. My only problem was that I find this lippie really hard to photograph in the tube because of the tonality.

The other stand out from this collection ( on the lip side) was L'Infidele. Its a beautiful everyday rosey plum that I think would look great on everyone.  Unfortunately, I really wanted to like La Delicate but I just couldn't. The color on the website was so off, I had perma "huh?" face.
First off, La Delicate is described as beige but the color on the website is a pumpkin-esqe color. The pumpkin color made me want to try it. I LOVE me some orange! However, the beige in the tube, while looks ok as a swatch, casts a grey ashy cast IRL. Super unfortunate.

So here I am with the one that I love for my fall wine lips, La Provocante!

La Provocante Rouge Allure Velvet swatch

Chanel's FNO exclusive Provocation Nail Color and La Provocante Lipstick


DeeDee said...

It looks amazing on you! I am anxiously waiting for Provocation to arrive.

Isabel said...

I love these twin sets! I just could order mines last week and I can't wait to get them asap! I skipped La Délicate set but the other two shades are amazing.

Thanks for the review.

"I" is for Isabel

Lacroix said...

Thank you DeeDee!
Thank you for reading Isabel! I hope you like the Infidele and Provocation sets.