Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY: Rodarte's Ombré French Manicure

Rodarte inspired Ombré Metallic French Manicure
Rodarte Fall 2013 nails- photo from
If there is one fashion show from NYFW that I look forward to, its Rodarte. Yesterday as I checked my Instagram and Twitter, I started to see what the look was for Fall 2013 but what really caught my eye was the Ombré metallic French Manicure at Rodarte's show. In the Fall Rodarte will team up with Sally Hansen to debut the nail colors that were exclusively used for the show but " I ain't got time for that" so I went into the trusty nail color stash for some good 'ol Chanel.

Colors used: Chanel Beige, Diwali and Graphite.
Other products used: Toothpick, a napkin and Sephora OPI 3-in-1base, top and strengthener.

The workstation

Simple Steps: I first used the Sephora OPI Base then used Chanel Beige. After the Beige dried I placed a small pea-sized amount of Diwali on a napkin and dipped the toothpick in the color. Next, lightly press Diwali onto your Beige just at the top of your nail. Next, do the same step with Graphite but use the other side of the toothpick ( or another pick if yours is one sided). When nail is dry, coat with clear base. Voila!
Rodarte nails ready!

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