Monday, February 18, 2013

Living Proof Prime Style Extender reviewed

Living Proof Prime Style Extenders- Biggie Shorty 
 Calling all hair enthusiasts who heat-styles their hair, whether fine, wavy, curly or kinky Living Proof Prime Style Extender does as claims- extends your style from wash-to-wash without dirt and grime from buildup!

Prime Style Extender is a weightless creme that detangles and repels humidity and environmental hair destroyers while smoothing your hair and locking in moisture and provides shine. All this without the aid of silicone. Its OFPMA miracle molecule is truly a miracle- let me tell share my experience with this amazing product.

I anticipated Prime Style Extender sample in my January Man Repeller x Glossybox but my box came about a month late (I will save the story for another time) so I ended up picking up the 5.0 fl oz full-size from life-saving Sephora. When I did get home, lo and behold I received my Man Repeller x Glossybox and the 1 fl oz. sample was in the box. On my next wash day, pre-styling, I applied a quarter-sized amount of primer and distributed through my tightly curled hair. Next I detangled with a wide-tooth comb and then applied coconut oil and blow dried my hair on a low setting. The results were fantastic! My hair was easy to manage, weightless and had a pleasant smell.  I kept my blow-dried tresses for one week, intermittently applying my coconut oil every 3-4 days. My ponytailed style stayed in place during a snowstorm and fashion week.
For the whole week I kept thinking, "How is this possible?" Repels humidity but locks in moisture annndd allows me to moisturize my hair? A++++

For natural, curly, kinky haired girls who want the benefits of easier detangling, no humidity and no silicone and a great base for pre-heat styling, Prime Style Extender is the way to go. This time I just blowdried my hair but next time, I will definitely add this product to my regimen the next time I flat iron my hair. Bliss all-around!

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