Friday, January 22, 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg Live!

In non-beauty related matters, On Wednesday I witnessed magic at the Bell House in Brooklyn.
Yes, I went to see Charlotte Gainsbourg perform songs off of 5:55 and her new album IRM plus some covers!
I've been a huge fan of her acting for years ( Science of Sleep, haven't seen Anti-Christ as of yet) and
her music is really chill so upon the announcement she was playing in NYC, I jumped at the chance.
The venue was sold out and spotted other music peeps in the crowd ( Vampire Weekend) and she kept mentioning
how nervous she was about playing, very soft spoken.

Here's a video a captured of one of her songs, Heaven Can Wait.

xoxo L

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AfricanOrchid said...

I am more a fan of Charlotte the actrice than a chanteuse. I am totally a huge fan of her pere SERGE.. woo hoo. :-D