Thursday, October 28, 2010

YSL Sample Sale 2010: A Fantastic Frenzy

Today was the first of 3 days where the 4th floor of the Metropolitan Pavillion was devoted to the YSL friends and family sale.
If you have the patience to withstand an hour plus weight, the wit to get someone to put a Muse bag down and the strength to haul everything you see. This is the sale for you... kinda.
Its not all that bad, but you do need a strategy.
I have a simple 3:
1. Be on the look-out. Especially with shoes and your wallet. You can try on the shoes at the sale but keep a close eye on your own shoes, shoppers have been known to swipe other shoppers shoes.
2. Don't dress too complicated. When you are trying on clothes, the last thing you want to do is fight to get out of the layers that you have on only to look up and see the clothes you chose to try on are gone. Shoppers swipe #2.
3. Keep it simple and practical. For the YSL sale I know that whatever I buy I will wear for years to come. Just two years ago I bought 6 items from the sample sale ( a cashmere sweater, a silk skirt set, a pair of deep grey jeans, a black tie front blouse and a gold tie front blouse) for $200. I still use these clothes to this day, it also helps to go on the last day as the prices are marked down.
At today's first day frenzy, I bought the top pictured. Its quirky but totally works.
The YSL Sample sale is at the Metropolitan Pavillion on 18th between 6th and 7th aves from Thursday, October 28th from 8am-8pm; Friday, October 29th from 8am-8pm and Saturday, October 30th from 9am-4pm.
Happy shopping!

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