Sunday, October 10, 2010

YSL's #6 Touche Eclat

YSL's Touche Eclat #6 is finally here for all you beauties whose tones are richer than #4 and need a concealer/highlighter.
How much richer is #4 compared to #6? Well if your Sephora doesn't have a chart- if you are currently wearing Mocha or deeper (or NW40 or higher, in MAC), #6 is for you. The difference between #4 and #6 is that #6 focuses on more reddish undertones while #4 is for more neutral undertones.
When testing #6 before purchasing, the YSL counter manager noted that #4 works great but I would need a moisturizer prior to wear. Whereas, #6 is the more " wear and go" because you don't have to prime before usage.
This info was good to know since now I know that I have been ripping and running around without additional moisturizer while wearing #4- yikes! But I also have to take into account that my well moisturized skin endures up to 4 different lighting situations daily.
Anyway, so far so good with #6 , I'm sure this product will be the rave of the year for those who are on the hunt for a great concealer/highlighter with a great legacy!


Califabulous said...

as you can see i just found your blog and love it! #6 a new formula? I just bought #4 and love it. i better begin to moisturize prior to use.

Lacroix said...

Hi Califabulous!
I think that the formula is the same, the line has just been expanded to include more shades :)