Saturday, November 12, 2011

Carine Roitfeld's "Irreverent" book signing at Bookmarc

Irreverent at Bookmarc!

11/11/11. What a day to remember! After wrapping up the last of my midterms this week, I deserved an early b-day treat so upon hearing last month that Carine Roitfeld would be in NYC at Bookmarc signing copies of Irreverent, I went down to the West Village for the signing!
I arrived at 5:30pm and bought the book and as soon as I turned around, at 5:40pm she whisked into Bookmarc and immediately started chatting fans up and signing copies! Champagne flowed, passerbys gawked and I found myself in the surreal world of fantasy, meeting another one of my idols! I stood in line for a good half hour and was cut in line by non other than Peter Philips, Chanel Beauté's Creative Director! She said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, he is VIP." I said "I know, I can't believe this is happening, this is amazing!" So while he was getting his booked signed I took a picture of her boots. ( See below)
Boots to pine for!
Carine and Lacroix
Finally! I meet Carine who every french person I have met." Your first name is Lacroix? That's interesting." I then tell her " Thank you for my early birthday gift", as I give her my book to sign, she asks, " When is your birthday?" I say " Its the 22nd" and she says, " Happy Birthday"!
Then I break out my favorite issue of Paris Vogue, the  Dec 2007/ Jan 2008 issue guest edited by Charlotte Gainsbourg , she smiled and signed it!
I go outside to meet Jessica of Styloteque and in walks Marc Jacobs!
Carine and Marc chat .
Marc stayed and chatted for about a half hour then left, but not before taking photos with some fans.
Marc loves the kids!

I promised Joan that I will read the new V mag with her on the cover once I was done with my accounting homework. 
Joan Smalls and Natasha Poly stopped in to say hi to Carine and to get their books signed!
What an amazing night!
Natasha Poly is too tall for words- I'm like 5'10 and she's like 6'2.. and she has killer boots on!



TrannaWintour said...

I was there too! Loved reading your account of that truly fabulous night.

Lacroix said...

I love your name, Tranna Wintour!
Yes, such an amazing night!