Friday, November 25, 2011

My Mini-facial with Tata Harper at Butterfly Studio!

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by Butterfly Studio for a mini-facial with Tata Harper.
My initial thought upon opening my email invite was that I was getting a facial with Tata Harper's skincare products but no, I read wrong . I was getting a mini-facial by Tata Harper using her much raved about skincare products! This was amazing as 1. I never have received a facial before- I do my own DIY facial and 2. This invite could not come at a better time, post mid-terms, pre-classmate dinner outing that put me in rush mode all day.
My facial with Tata Harper at Butterfly Studio, which is amazing, was such a great experience!  Tata informed me of how she started her product line and how she worked with scientists for 8 years to perfect her truly 100% natural skin care. It made me re-think about the different ingredients in our skincare and food. But I digress,  in the 20 minutes I had with Tata, I received the Resurfacing Mask treatment for about 7 minutes that smoothed away the roughness from my distressed skin. Tata recommended that it be used for a half hour once a week. Also in my session, I received aromatherapy Stress Treatment, which was very much needed. An application of the oil was applied to my hands in which I rubbed together and deeply inhaled and exhaled for about 10 breathes. How can something so small work so effectively!
After the session, I thanked Tata, took a photo (see above) and headed to Pio Pio for dinner. I placed my hands over my boyfriend's nose who said- " That smells.. really relaxing".

Special Thank you's to Tata Harper and BPCM


The Tata Harper Girls said...

What an amazing surprise to get a facial from the fab Tata herself!! We love that your BF felt relaxed from the Stress aromatherapy! The Linden and Neroli are so soothing and calming. We're excited about your experience! Enjoy the Tata Glow, xx!

Obagi Nu-Derm System said...

Thanks for chronicling your trip! Loved reading about this.