Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chanel La Favorite #43 Rouge Allure Velvet reviewed

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Favorite #43- a nice slice of Spring

Chanel La Favorite #43 Rouge Allure Velvet Swatch in afternoon light

I've fallen off the Chanel beauty wagon for about a season or 2 and immediately got back on when I saw what the 2013 Printemps Preceiux de Chanel collection had in store. The first 2013 beauty collection by Chanel gives us an illuminating powder, poppy blushes and punchy lips! I picked up La Favorite #43 which is a Rouge Allure Velvet that has a powdery matte finish.
My initial thought was that this color was going to be a coral (one of my faves) but instead the color is like a melon, a mix of coral with a bit of pink. The application was smooth but I think that they color lacks depth and it comes off as milky when compared to the color in the tube. If you are trying to achieve a bright lip with dense color, you may need to apply 3-4 times and/or use a lip liner before applying the lippie.

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