Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall into Nars!

I’m in a new city and need somewhat of a new look, getting acclimated and assimilated.
Coming from SD where you are used to tanned skin, lots of bronze on cheeks and pale Playboy Bunny lip to NYC where I’m in admiration with the sophisticated au naturale look and smokey eyes that incorporate colors to complement your eyes and golden cheeks.
What SoCal lacks from NYC is ..well, the natural look. The “I woke up fab look” the “I’m not trying hard” aesthetic.

So when meeting up with a childhood friend last weekend, I was in awe of her blush and lip color choices.. all Nars. Word? Yes. Orgasm/Laguna Blush Bronzer duo.

If you read this avidly, my live for Nars has grown.
I’ve definitely have done a 45 degree turn on Nars, lately from the Nordies trendshow makeover this past June where I was pleasantly surprised with the Mustique Multiple. Next was the release of the new deep/dark oil-free and balanced foundation shades available at Sephora
Then was a mini-review of the Fall 2008 collection and when I went to test it, I was over the lipgloss Female Trouble. Why? Because it seemed very similar to Hustler and too pale and shimmery for my liking.

Regardless, I’m in love with the simplicity of the line and know I shouldn’t be spending since I have no job and am on the search for one in NYC!
But, if I can give up some restaurant dinners on the evenings and weekends – just rummage from my dad’s fridge, this will pay off.

Yesterday, I scored Plaisir and Taj Mahal blushes at C.O.Bigelow Chemist on 6th Ave by Grenwhich. I read up on how they are great for WOC from MAC_Pixie04 on and Scandalicious Beauty.

Plaisir is a dusty rose without shimmer very sheer and everyday wearable and it was 50% off (it’s being discontinued).

Taj Mahal is a burnt sienna orange with gold shimmer.


Seymone said...

Welcome back to NY...

Miss Jeffrey said...

I'll paint your face honey! Give you a NY look!