Sunday, August 3, 2008

Noir lèvres for Fall

Would you wear black lipstick or lipgloss?

I didn't really give it much thought after seeing the Fall/Winter '08 fashion shows earlier this year but it didn't dawn on me that YSL's black lips would transend to dare I say..mainstream?

Well, last year we had the black nail polish craze and could this be this the year of le noire lèvres?

In Sept, Lancome will introduce Color Fever Gloss Piha Black, a sleek black lipgloss - a first for the company ( along with Color Piha Beach ) at Bon Marché in Paris.
The darkest MAC Lipglass was the now discontinued Deceit and Christian Dior got in on the action with a black Diorific gloss shade ( also discontinued for some years now).

Anxious to try something new and avoiding looking like Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean. I tried this look out with my MAC Smolder eyeliner... and looked just like her.

But Grace Jones pulled it off in the 80's? why can't I?

We'll see, only fall can tell.

Photos: Vogue Paris

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