Friday, September 10, 2010

5 beauty products to share with dudes

Oh Grooming, I've been meaning to follow-up on the piece I wrote from a while back on a list of 5 products to keep away from dudes. I was reminded this week by my colleague that I needed to do more " Guy's Stuff" grooming, tips, etc. Well my answer, It's coming!Fashion Week starts this week as well howver, I'm not going to skimp out you dudes out there. In this chapter two is a bonafide list of things we women need to share - provided the guy either bums these off of you from behind your back ( brothers, roomies) or you want to enjoy a lazy afternoon watching a film and "doing beauty/ grooming" together.

Tea Tree Shampoo-

Aka- the "tingly stuff" is an age-old product that guys love. They love it so much, they describe the effect and don't remember the name. The effect is great, the smell is relaxing and since there are plenty to choose from on the market- you don't have to worry when your bottle goes missing.
A bonus- guys think that tingling sensations means its working and less work for them is a plus- am I right?


This is a two-fer. Yes, there Sunscreen is indistinguishable by gender however ladies, we can add to the education piece. It is more likely guys will by sunscreen and not really pay attention to the SPF number and/or to reapply after a certain about of time. And that's when your expertise comes in and you can navigate through which one's you can spray onto your hands before applying to the face and the ones that are full of titanium dioxide that leave him looking like Edward from Twilight.

Queen Helene Mint Mask-

Hands down the best product for everyone! Its inexpensive, effective and a great icebreaker. If you both have this one, you can talk about almost anything and everthing- therapy in a tube.

Emery Boards-

We women shape our nails while men tend to chop and leave rough edges. Emory boards for shaping post clipping nails is a good way of keeping your face free of scratches and his digits presentable to the public.

LaMer Gel Cleanser-

Yes, this may be the investment of the five but its worth it. This seaweed green gel goes along way and it cleans your skin like no ones business. Just a dime size for each of you, twice a day will last for almost a year. Plus guys are all about science- just mention NASA and Max Huber as the creator of LaMer and he will melt. Its the beauty of science + skincare.

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