Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010 pics!: Chanel Khaki Collection at Saks

Fashion's Night Out kicked off with a lot of truffles and ended with some champagne. The journey started at Chanel on Madison Ave as word got around that they sold out of the Chanel Khaki's collection at 5pm! So I hauled to Saks Fifth Ave and got the party started. In midtown at 6pm some stores were still getting prepped. YSL's boutique was rolling out the red carpet and Louis Vuitton had bag lickers in the window ( kid you not- picture a guy in the window licking bags.
Walking down a few blocks before meeting the girls was nice, plus I was tipped off that Saks had the Khaki collection in full stock. Next I made my way to the Tom Ford counter for some truffles and to finally view the lipstick collection before making my way to soho.

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