Monday, November 15, 2010

Chanel Cruise Beauty 2011: Chanel Riva Nail Color Swatches

Yes! Chanel's soon to be It polish is here Riva from the Cruise 2011 beauty collection! The color is a soft Robin's egg baby blue and I'm definitely loving how the color complements my tone.
I picked it up today at a Chanel Boutique in the city and the SA let me know I would need 2-3 coats- she was right. I have on about 3-4. I was so excited to test the color, I almost burnt my dinner! Hense the messy middle finger after trying to scramble and find my fan to blow out the smoke in the kitchen... see nothing comes between me and some hot new nails..almost literally.

To be quite honest, I didn't think I would like the light blue as Jade turned out to be a little loud for me. But, I'm wearing Riva for the moment and think that I can definitely pull it off in an office setting and also get away from the delicious deep colors for the fall by breaking out with this Spring tone early.

The price for the polish is $27 and its official launch is December 1st. I strongly suggest that you call your local boutique to see if they have it - that's what I did. Chanel Soho has major stock and the SA's are nice and friendly, though I don't know their shipping policy.

disclaimer: I bought and enjoyed this product from Chanel for the purposes of review and an upcoming birthday.


DeeDee said...

I looks great against your skin tone. I am so glad I bought it. I love it on me and now am kicking myself about not buying Jade or NV...:o(

Lacroix said...

Hey DeeDee,

I like Riva much better than Jade in terms of everyday wearability. It doesn't stand out too too much. Nouvelle Vague is one of my faves though its really bold as well.