Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lanvin x H&M : The Madness, The Lipstick!

I'm a little upside down from my camera phone!

At 5:30 am this morning, I got in line at the 59th and Lex H&M for the Lanvin Collection and was part of the 8:25am crew to get my 15 minutes of shopping in.
Despite the furvor and sheer madness of past collections, I have to say that this one was a job well done by H&M, security, etc!
at 7:00am we got hot coffee and croissants along with a Lanvin x H&M tote bag and scarf. We were allowed to go in the store at 8am but there was a barracade to get to the Lanvin section, where security checked your wristband time and let you know when to come back ( if your time was not next). Given that me and the girls time was 8:25, we were next and had 15 minutes to get the stuff we wanted, and thank goodness there was replenishment every 5 minutes!
Too bad I had no video camera on me so that you could see the 8amers in action. I wanted to ask this women who had 25 dresses in her hand " What's your ebay store?" because there was no way she was a size 2 and 10..
Anyway, overall I ended up with everything I wanted! The faux fur vest, the chain belt, tights, the most coveted item- the sunglassses and... Lanvin Lipsticks!!

There are 4 in the collection but I bought 2, Hot Pink and Bordeaux. Both has a slight rosey scent and I haven't swatched them as of yet, so I don't know what their texture is like.
Anyway, If you can withstand the craziness check out an H&M that is carrying the line but if not, there is ebay.

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