Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Want This: Fred Farrugia Cosmetics

Occasionally I check out to see what the Sephora in the US is missing when it comes to makeup that packs a punch. I've enjoyed seeing Fred Farrugia's line and its prevalence in such publications as Paris Vogue and French Elle.
So of course I'm wondering, how can we get these colorful pigment rich colors in the US? I love the concept of the DIY color palettes and the different textures of the lip products that are in line with the makeup trends and classics alike. But what gets me amped is how the palette is collapsible- more room in my makeup bag , which is by the way clocking in at almost a pound in my purse.

Can anyone tell me when or if this will be available in the US?
For now, I'll just have to add this to my list of items to buy when I get to a Sephora in France, which could be in a few years.. le sigh.


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