Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010: My Tron Legacy Costume

My Tron Legacy Makeup look

Products used to achieve look:
YSL Perfect Touch Foundation in #13
MAC Harmony Blush

MAC Haunting Eyeshadow
MAC Nile Eyeshadow ( in the crease)
Chanel Bois Bleu single Eyeshadow ( in the crease)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
MAC Khol liner in Smolder ( on the waterline)

NARS Triple X lipgloss

The final product!

The prep: I knew that I wanted to be a character from Tron legacy but didn't know how to approach how to put my costume together. First, I knew that I didn't want to invest upwards of $500 into a costume I'm using once.
For the framework, luckly I had some leggings from winter. Then I went to Uniqlo and bought a cheap fleece turtleneck that I turned inside out.
The net pieces acquired were the source of the "glow". Again, with limited resources, my costume couldn't be as slick as this guy's costume here, so I researched buying glow sticks in bulk- this turned out to be a success!
I ordered 50 necklaces and 50 bracelets in blue and a hot glue gun and got to work on a Thursday night, making sure not to snap the bracelets so that they don't start glowing because the glow is only for 24hrs.
After about a calculated method of not snapping the glowsticks, I glued them onto the sides of my black leggings (please note, I didn't plan on using the leggings post costume so gluing was an option). After gluing the glowsticks onto the sides of my leggings, I continued on with gluing the glowsticks onto my turtleneck.
The next day (Friday) , I snapped the glowsticks when putting on my costume and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The framework.

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