Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chanel 2011: Rouge Allure Flamboyant #84

Well Hello there beautiful!

Lanvin Shades, Flamboyant Rouge Allure on the lips, sans teint!

From the top: Flamboyant, Coquette, Flamboyant ( again) and Nakkar

It was approximately about a month ago I was oogling over Chanel's Riva for the Holiday season. I didn't really find the Holiday collection as exciting as the robin's egg nail polish color but when I was doing some X-mas shopping in Soho yesterday afternoon, I stumbled into Chanel Soho and they had the Spring 2011 collection.
Yes, actually it is about that time for Spring 2011 as last year around this time I made a video about Particulier. Well, the whole Les Perles collection was available for purchase as it is on the site.
I wasn't sure how I would feel about this collection as the tones are very grey with a twist of green but upon seeing the corals in the Nakkar glossimer and Flamboyant Rouge Allure, I reconsidered.
The MA suggested I try Flamboyant, suggesting that it would look good against my skin tone and she spoke the truth. Flamboyant is a coral and deep rose confection and Nakkar is its glossy counterpart with golden flecks. If you enjoy a great orange, coral- as I am discovering, you will love these two colors!


Danielle! said...

I am SO dying over the Lanvin shades!!!

Lacroix said...

Thanks Danielle!

theman86 said...

are the lanvins for sale? i am very very interested and also are they the ones with the crystals or the plain arms?

Lacroix said...

Sorry my lanvin's are not for sale, but you can check for some on ebay. Though the prices are ridiculously inflated.