Friday, February 25, 2011

Decorative Measures:Tocca Candle Box Beauty Tool Holder

Creative cramped quarters calls for innovation!
I currently store a majority of my cosmetics and tools in my Ikea mini desk drawer but I often forget what's available due to time! 80% of the time, my morning is a rush so I grab whatever is 1. in my makeup bag in my purse or 2. whatever is on the top shelf.
To simplify matters, I put some of my used boxes to use and being the candle vandal that I am, I put my empty Tocca Tahiti Candle box to action for my MAC brushes, YSL Touche Eclat and various Chanel Glossimers and Dior Eyeliner.. basically everything that is too elongated to fit into my Vosges Chocolate library case (perfect Lipstick holders). Since the candle box is taller than a lippie case, its best used for stuff that is easy to see and grab a hold of early in the morning- plus DIY'ing with cute boxes adds a touch to the decor of the bedroom or bathroom!

What do you currently use to store your brushes, mascara, etc?

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