Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Influential Beauties of the Augties: Fantasia Barrino


Waaaay back when being on reality television made you relevent in society a young women with the world on her shoulders and the most soulful voice to come out of American Idol won. The fairytale didn't end here but Fantasia Barrino went on to star on Broadway in The Color Purple not before she scored a deal with MAC cosmetics- yeah?! Fantabulous was released in 2004 producing 2 rare, HTF lipglasses ( Fantabulous 1 and Fantabulous 2) that are now worth as much as the price of MAC's Spanish Fly or Bronx lipsticks- yup.
At around the time of the release, I was in LA at the MAC store at the Kodak Theatre where the M.A. told me- these [ lipstick and lipglass] are hot sellers- no kidding! I promptly scooped them for my mom and ever since then- its been a chase to find.

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