Sunday, December 13, 2009

Body Scrubs: The Gingerbread Man vs. Hot Chocolate


Its Giovanni Cosmetics vs. Philosphy's The Gingerbread Man in a faux battle of the scrub. Who is worth your bathroom beauty time? Who needs to stop runnin'? Which scent will conjur your latte decision at the coffee house?
A few years ago I discovered Philosophy's holiday seasonal friend, The Gingerbread Man. The highly covetable scrub is still highly praised and one of the best-selling body scrubs to date.
Recently while in Duane Reade, I discovered Giovanni Cosmetic's Hot Chocolate Scrub. A simple magazine run turned into a spa experience. An organic body scrub in Duane Reade? That's almost as good as NARS being in Marshall's!
I decided to compare both, it has taken me some time but finally on to the results:

1. Scent- I'm not a fan of smelling like either Chocolate or Gingerbread but initially, I am drawn to the scent. While in use, you want to feel relaxed and not think of a Mocha or Gingerbread Latte but I have to say- the Gingerbread scent quickly wore while being used. My bathroom didn't retain the lovely scent that drew me to buy it, while the Hot Chocolate Scrub retained its scent and made me want to grab a Mocha post beautification.

Giovanni's Hot Chocolate Scrub

2. Performance- This could differ with shelf life but while experimenting I did find that the Gingerbread Man was in a " Can't catch me" mentality of being quite well- runny. Again, who knows if the contents just melt with shelf life but being that this was one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2003- it probably didn't make it to the shelf due to its wait list.
The Hot Chocolate Scrub was "meatier" if that is the best way to describe it. Its contents- effective and polished- a definite thumbs up.

3. Perks- The warming sensation claim, thats great but if you rub your hands together, doesn't that friction create warmth? When trying both out, I found Giovanni's Chocolate Sugar scrub to perform better on the warming side than that of The Gingerbread Man- and without the claim. I chalk it up to the consistancy of the latter product.

Price was not considered as these both are around the same price per oz. -roughly less than $1.

The Winner? Giovanni's Hot Chocolate scrub- now I'm off to get that Mocha.

disclaimer: Both Giovanni and Philosophy products were purchased by me for use and reviewing.
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