Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DIY: Concealer

I've been running low on some good cover-up and adventured out to the Sephora on 5th avenue to see if they had some new goods. Unfortunately- A. either my shade or the product is discontinued or B. I am in-between shades. For example- Illamasqua's concealer, my shade is in-between CC320 and CC325. That's a hugestretch in tones!
So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and whipped up my own concealer with the materials I had in my Ikea office furniture- turned 6 drawer traincase.
I broke out the following:
NARS Balanced Foundation in New Guinea
NARS Firming Foundation in Benares
NARS Concealer in Chocolate
YSL's Temps Mejor Yeux
and put all 3 to work.

First, I started with a small empty sample jar I received from Sephora.
I added a scoop of the Temps Mejor and cut a 1/16th disk of Chocolate concealer from the stick.
Chocolate is long since discontinued from NARS . Its darker than toffee and is without the yellow undertones. I then mixed New Guinea in the jar to get the concoction to my skin tone.
For further blending, heat a pot of boiling water and a small plastic bowl. Add water to the plastic bowl and add your jar of concealer contents.

When the concealor melts, take the jar out of the bowl, take a cotton swab (remove the cotton) and mix the contents. After this, place your new concealor is a cool-try area and watch the concealer's consistancy thicken.

Voila! you have a new custom made concealer with all of your own goods and just saved up to $20 in the process!

disclaimer: materials used were purchased by me except for the Sephora Sample jar.

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